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Originally Posted by Saffer View Post
I get 2 ppl to be in my life. Of that I'm so glad. But.... the jealousy
Are these the ONLY two people in your life? You may want to re-examine your reasons for being in this particular relationship. You might also want to proceed with caution when it comes to "creating a family" with an already-established couple. What are THEIR expectations? Are they "adding you to their relationship" or trying to have you fill some role in a certain type of geometry? It sounds like you have an interest in the guy and are willing to put up with his girlfriend because it's the "price" you have to pay to be with him, and it sounds like they have this vision of everything being "equal".

I don't know any of you but it sounds like you would be happier in some other situation. You need to decide if the benefits of this arrangement outweigh the disadvantages. From where I am observing, it appears as though you are trying to extract something from this relationship dynamic that just isn't there. I hate to "assume" but reading between the lines of your post, I get the impression that deep down you are hoping they will break up and you'll get the guy all to yourself.
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