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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
Consider for a second how likely it is that you would want to have sex with someone you are hot and bothered for, all tied up in puppy love... pretty likely, right? Would you even want to have sex with them to a higher degree than this person you've been shagging 3-4 times per week for the past X years?

The answer is, hell yes!!
Funny. Even when I have a new lover, I do not desire my long term gf any less. She seems to think I "should," and that gets her off the hook for fucking me, but no. I still want her just as bad, no matter if I have fucked one or 2 others multiple times in any given week.

That is one of the joys of polyamory, you get to enjoy the unbridled pleasures of new love while still having the love for the person you had before.
Well, that's the ideal balance. Some people neglect the established lover. Personally I get off on established relationship intimacy as much as, if not more than, NRE.

It *does* have the drawback of leaving your other partner perhaps less satisfied than they would prefer... at least for a period of time. But hey, that's what masturbation and other lovers are for!
Or... maybe even a better scenario: one's partner's NRE is brought home to the established lover and the partner at home gets a turned on person shagging both her lovers madly.
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