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Oh! I didn't mention that M made me a digital mix tape yesterday. Er, he gave it to me yesterday, I mean. I was shocked. Though I had made a mix tape for a guy as a teenager, I never received one. So it was both surprising and romantic as hell! He actually couldn't have come up with a better gift, because now I can listen to it in the background of my day and be thinking of him often, but it calms me in a way that I didn't know I needed. I mean, he has this whole story of why he picked what songs he did - each song represents a certain time or emotion he was feeling in our relationship. It took him a while to come up which each song. It was crazy romantic to hear him explain it to me yesterday.

Corny, but a home run with me!

I am missing him like crazy right now. Tomorrow I have to drop my daughter off at a friend's house at 1 pm, and then I can go see him until 3:30, and then he needs to take his son to work. Afterward, he is coming to my house for a get together (8 peeps total). We are going to play Cards Against Humanity and then the Thousand Blank White Card game.

Of course, we will have our first overnight too, so I am hoping that I can kick people out sooner rather than later.
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