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Default It does and it doesn't

Originally Posted by london View Post
There is no research that can systematically prove that people without male role models attach to males in that fashion. It would be impossible to prove. Feel free to show me credible research that distinctly shows that people without male role models have a tendency to attach to males more quickly or whatever.

if a person neglects to teach their child about how to think critically, gain knowledge and employ that knowledge to build a house of wisdom (which at present, probably should include a chapter about men being prone to being oblivious to the truth about their gender, which without getting into it can be summed with the fact that after millions of years of stable genetics within an Order, which means physical phenotypes remain virtually unchanged which is sometimes called social evolution and NOT the fantasy type fiction Dawkins writes about, and species of the Order Hymenoptera, excommunicated males from their colonies so that there could be functional, highly organized "cities" where behavior of citizens could be voluntary and therefore enforcement of acceptable behvior could be left to the honor system)

While it is definitely true that males can overcome their genetic disposition to be lying idiot assholes who are oblivious to such facts because they are too stupid to know any better, for the most part their will always be stupid idiot assholes prototypes who play the "natural" male part extremely well. They don't even have to be genetically male, you just have to be stupid and have lying being accepted as part of your core beliefs.

However if Human populations limited males presence to only those who were intelligent enough to be live within a community, the world would have virtually none of the problems that plaque the world today. Bull dykes are NOT males and as result are typically pose few to none of the societal problems that genetically gendered males do

and I regret to inform you, london, that yes, sheltering your child from all males can lead to the child to having unhealthy relationships with males or women who play the male gender role.

I cannot prove it and have no research to show you, however I strongly believe that it is much much better to have your child be in an unhealthy relationship with a women who fills the male role, than to be have a problematic relationship with a genetic male, no comparison

but the plan for the highest probability of healthy adult relationships for your children is to teach them to think critically, make wise decisions and be exposed to males however I do not recommend exposure to males without first teaching them to think for themselves, have the courage to be themselves despite social pressure and how to spot animals disguised in Human bodies, which the most important take home is that nearly all of them have penises

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