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Default it's not just the number of times sex happens per week

and I can completely relate to the being pissed off about desiring more sex and having a partner you were previously committed to getting sex somewhere else, but it is exactly that type of attitude which makes it hard if not impossible to go from monogamy to non, without it being the end of the relationship.

It's my belief that the main reason is because one person is not comfortable communicating their honest desires and emotions

The sex thing is not just about having sex so many times a week, you could be having sex three or four times a day and it doesn't make the desire for sex with another person go away

Since that seems to be the case, it might prevent a whole lot of heart ache if your wife knew what kind of relationships would satisfy those desires to the extent pre-occupation with those thoughts would not cause problems in your marriage.

The good thing is that you and your wife have already cleared the hardest hurdle to living a satisfied life, you have chosen to not fear reality and you can at least talk about your honest emotions.

What exact meaning those emotions have is something only you and the parties involved will be able to interpret. Sex, lust , and love are not the only emotions that Human beings are prone to withhold and keep secret or otherwise not share.

It's just that they are by far the first emotions that "show their faces" so-to-speak, which is why it both amuses and pisses me off when "poly" people think they are some sort of "enlightened" beings compared to others, esp when it is a common occurrence that those who believe themselves more enlightened is exactly the "flags" the communicate the "one step forward and two steps backs" which to be clear, is saying the picture taken is right after the two steps back are taken.

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