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Not exactly sure where you are going with this but, yes, if things were heading to "out of hand" then he most certainly would have spoken for me - we are friends. Friends help keep friends from getting into trouble/making bad mistakes.
So why did it unsettle you that he was speaking for her? Your friend/minder/boytoy would have spoken up for you if someone else was doing things you would have taken objection to, so why was it different with this guy and his girl?

o me? You did fine. You asked permission, you do realize your joined THEIR already in progress scene.

You don't know what they agreed to as the boundaries for that scene, and if the D/s overtones was for that scene only or a 24/7 arrangement or what.

I see that you prefer to know that stuff from the person's mouth directly, but the scene was already in progress. Maybe they didn't want to stop the mental flow. Or maybe he knows something you don't -- like kissing on the lips when she's in subspace wigs her out?

Next time if you want to honor your own preferences... you negotiate that up front before the scene starts with the players if you are going to participate. But for stumbling in on someone else's thing being played out in a "public space" you asked permission and they could have said yes/no to you.
Also this ^^
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