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Originally Posted by JonnyAce View Post
May i suggest at the least researching therapists. i know near me there is at least one office that offers a sliding scale for people who don't have the finances to afford normal therapy rates.
The problem is our combined income really isn't that bad. But we are paying his back taxes right now from a few years of him having a 1099 job. So we are tapped out with that. He's working 2 jobs right now to help out, but it will be at least 2 years before we get it knocked out. Anywho (ramblinng) I checked out a place that offers a sliding scale and it put a very minor dent in the bill. If only they did a debt to income ratio.

Originally Posted by classycaveman View Post
He certainly has his work cut out for him. It's good to know your boyfriend is looking out for you here as well. I'd love to give you a big hug for support right now! Keep us posted!
Thank you very much! And yes, he has been an amazing support. Its an unexplainable feeling to know that when it feels like my world is crumbling I know that I am safe with him. He has acted as our translator at one point for us. I say that because it felt like we were speaking 2 different languages. And there he was knowing the language of my heart and the language of boy.

If you're reading this, Thank you lovey.

And yes I think I will continue to post. Writing has always helped me find clarity and its nice to know that somewhere out there someone is witnessing an event that is huge in my little world. (Waiting with virtual huggs. hehe)

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