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M's tests came back clear and he asked for Levitra, so we are set for Friday! So excited!

We had a great day today together 10 to 5, actually. Usually our dates are 11 to 3, so we had a little bit longer to spend, which was wonderful. We had planned to go to an art exhibit, but we decided to go get ice cream and hang out at a park instead.

I still feel a bit like I am negotiating for time with M's wife. M and I were discussing if Fridays were going to be our regular overnight each week or not, and he was uncertain whether she would allow it. Even though she disappears spontaneously to stay with poly partners, often, that he would not think to question or limit. It just leaves me feeling very unequal and a little unhappy. I told M that I need weekly overnights, period. That's why I became poly initially - I need more sex than I receive with my husband. I also crave it like crazy to secure emotional connections. Hopefully this will work out. I know a lot of it has to do with her adjusting to M practicing a different type of poly, and him being so emotionally attached to me.
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