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Originally Posted by NewHusband View Post
On top of that she doesn't know or have any way to let me know if its even on the table day to day, much less days ahead.
You want a sex calendar? That sounds romantic

Originally Posted by NewHusband View Post
Saying all that, yes, I would be really pissed if she was having sex with somebody new and neglecting me. I'm finding it really hard to find anybody new to talk to, hang out with or start a relationship with.
Honestly, get used to being pissed if she is taking on a new lover. Consider for a second how likely it is that you would want to have sex with someone you are hot and bothered for, all tied up in puppy love... pretty likely, right? Would you even want to have sex with them to a higher degree than this person you've been shagging 3-4 times per week for the past X years?

The answer is, hell yes!! That is one of the joys of polyamory, you get to enjoy the unbridled pleasures of new love while still having the love for the person you had before. It's a best of both worlds sort of scenario.

It *does* have the drawback of leaving your other partner perhaps less satisfied than they would prefer... at least for a period of time. But hey, that's what masturbation and other lovers are for!
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