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Originally Posted by NewHusband View Post
Sexually speaking we are kinda mismatched. I would love to be having sex about 3-4 times a week, most ever week and feel secure knowing it was going to happen. In contrast she likes to wing it and just see day to day. Some weeks she's wanting to go like three days in a row and other weeks we done have sex at all.
Well, you know that women cycle and are more horny around ovulation? So, that one week or so per month is maybe when she's more interested than other times?

Has she always had a lower sex drive than you? I mean, it is common for many people once past the first year or two to have less sex. But sometimes things shake out that one partner continues to have a higher libido than the other. Poly can help with this!

Saying all that, yes, I would be really pissed if she was having sex with somebody new and neglecting me.
This is a tough one. Some poly people do have more sex with their newer OSO than with the original partner.

This can be an ongoing problem that needs a lot of openness, and respectful discussion. I know it hurts to feel rejected sexually. A lot.
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