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Originally Posted by london View Post
I am talking about removing armpit hair and pubic hair. You have to wear clothes or you get arrested or will freeze to death...

Dude, I live in England. It's fucking cold here. Are you suggesting we go around semi or totally nude?
I'm talking practicality-wise meaning when it is too hot to wear clothing or when it is not too cold outside or in a temperature-controlled environment.~ Yes, unfortunately most Humans this millennium are far too brainwashed by their own stupidity to see logic and reason and they would be much better off in many respects by discarding their useless sentiments of 'shame' and self-hatred in my opinion.~

Fortunately there seems to be some hope for the species with the rising numbers of those able to see the logic of being only clothed when practical and logical and they have made great strides in securing safe havens for others who have broken free of the brainwashing of the society they were born into and finally see a small bit of logic in an illogical Human created world, they often label this behavior as 'nudism' but it is not a new concept or way of living it simply is a return back to the way we are born before the brainwashing of moronic and illogical societies' way of 'thinking' if they can even call it that.~
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