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Suggested, by text, that I don't have sleepovers at Prof's house as it "causes upset". His response, he is not concerned and has put clean sheets on the bed.
Damn. Now I need to go into why?

Add to this, he is very busy at work and is not going to celebrate S's birthday till he catches up. I said that was unkind and she would be disappointed.

Apparently her response is for him to "cut-off all dating." to make time. Erm, that would be me.

Still, I think birthdays are important enough to make time for, even if my metamour wants me gone, gone, gone, doesn't mean I can't empathize.

In his defense he said no to not seeing me.

Next time around, if metamours don't want to meet me then I will be very cautious.
I have no contact with Kip's wife at all but that seems ok. He shares the when and were he sees me and that is it. No details. I have seen texts.

I don't understand Prof and S's relationship. She clearly would prefer him to be mono, but is the one who wanted an open relationship as she her previous relationships had been.

So plan for tonight; reiterate the sleepover discomfort and ask for some specific reasons why I am perpetually up for the axe.

Let's try on self-assured!

Yo reappeared via text after only brief contact in the past 2 weeks. I replied. sigh.
Me: 40s female
Prof: 50s male.
Kip: 50s male.

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