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Default Sleepover Mulligan

So, to recap, this is where I was a week and a half ago or so:
I'm still suggesting that the next powwow happen on a day that isn't ours, and I'll spend time down there again. (...) I just need to ask that we even things up a bit now that I've realized I was on the hairy edge of feeling that pinch for a long time.

So I asked. We'll see what comes of it. I've made it clear that because it's not "my" night, there are no expectations of alone time or anything of that sort. I'll be happy to have the "extra" time with him. (...) They're concerned that I'll have a hard time sleeping alone in that bedroom. I'm not anxious about that at all. (...) I'll bring my kindle if I need something to do with myself.
I brought my Kindle and didn't need it.

We had our powwow, got a lot of the negativity over the past couple of weeks talked about - my sleepover meltdown, P's difficulty in figuring out how to spend time with me and my kids, P's difficulty in communicating with M2, M1's (friendly) breakup with M2 and her hubby, yadda yadda. That went well. We hung out for a while, smoked some hookah, drank some port, and then I went to bed. Got tucked in by P, he went to bed with M1, and then at the crack of dark, when I needed to get ready to leave for work, he came in to wake me up.

It all went swimmingly, I was in a good mood for having had the extra time with him, and we're all looking forward to that camping trip in a couple weeks. It's nice to be able to get through the emotional BS to the point where we can try to work out a solution (or a mitigation) and have it actually WORK.

Tonight, I hook the laptop up to the TV with the cables that came in the mail, while P works on his tractor and has a beer or two. Looking forward to seeing Hulu Plus's "web only" content up on the big screen.

And summer has decided to show us her last hurrah (or one of her last hurrahs anyway). After getting the wood stove operational a few days ago (woo hoo), it is now in the 90s. I fully expect snow in two weeks. This *is* New England, after all.

Later, gators!
(And thanks for the wifi tip, Hannahfluke - I appreciate the info!)

Edit: Well, crap. Apparently, the Mini-DVI to HDMI adapter, plugged into an HDMI cable, plugged into the TV is fraught with problems (according to Apple's discussion boards). Some issue with the adapters. I either get an MDP to HDMI cable (and skip the adapter) or wait for the ChromeCast. Argh. Grr. And all that.
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