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It definitely sounds like a good idea to look for a new counselor. A counselor who is poly-friendly, at the very least.

There's nothing harder than to pry yourself away from than an arrangement with a dysfunctional/toxic person. Believe me I know, I'm going through a bit of that kind of dilemma myself lately. It's enough to keep one awake with bags under their eyes at night. But I am lucky, in that I have two poly companions who are totally supportive of me, in spite of my many metaphorical warts. It is important to have an emotional support system you can fall back on.

I see that you are surrounded by a culture that condemns polyamorous ideas, which plays itself out in the way individuals act. If it's any consolation, I can assure you that the anti-poly bias exists worldwide. So you are not alone. That's why sites like exist, so people can get moral support for life choices that they'd be condemned for in any other milieu. Once in awhile you can get lucky and find a physical poly group in your local area.

Only you can decide if and how long to ride out this situation with P1 and P2. I see that they both have many emotional issues (and a tendancy to act out inappropriately).

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