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Default tough one

GK, we have had a few conversations about this in our quad this summer (we are out to NO ONE). I know this topic has been discussed at length here.

But as our relationships continue to develop, I find it gets harder and harder to live in secrecy. But all 4 of us have to completely agree to doing this and I just don't see that happening esp. with potential career-ending consequences.

If the responses to your article on Mommy-ish is any indication, I am not sure that society in general is ready to comprehend Polyamory and its many, many forms.

I am simply not willing to potentially blow up or even strain any relationships with family, friends or colleagues based on my desire to be open with my new lifestyle. However, there is very good chance someone may get caught. We have had a few close calls. In guess in that case, the decision will be made for us

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