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Post The entrance of one vicarious little thrill.

Hello all my fellow poly people. I am a 29 year old female that has been in a polyship for a year and a half now and figured it's about time I start embracing the online communities and such. You know, because some times there are just things you can't talk about with non poly people. Sure they can "say" they understand...but just as with anything else, unless you have lived it there is no way understanding can be achieved. So...with that being said.

I am in a relationship with a married couple. Seeking to some day be the second wife. Things are a bit rocky at the moment though, but I will divulge more about that in other forums for discussion. I am a mom of two boys under the age of five and just recently I took a dive into the world of "dancing." -It's soOoOo much fun!-

With all that said you can assume there is rarely a dull moment under this roof. I do find my relationship rewarding and cherish it though, but life is a journey not a destination and my goal is to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Cheers to you all! Feel free to chatter at me sometime.
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