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Originally Posted by redsirenn View Post
Well, the first step is awareness.

Sounds like you won't be fooled, which is a good thing. Abuse comes in many forms - this is certainly one of them. I am sure you know this, but you'll have to draw the line somewhere. I was married to a mentally abusive man who quickly turned into a physically abusive one as soon as he noticed I was growing a pair.

I should have left way sooner - I spouted out all of what you are saying now. Yes, people change, but sometimes we have to realize that we cannot wait for it to happen.

I guess I am just writing to say, that I wish you strength. Know that you are not alone, and that if you leave this is not a failure.


Thank you. That's all I needed was an ear to listen to my fears that this was a sign that he indeed had not changed. The fact is he didn't repeat the same apology last night that he always does. There was a lot of pouring out of his soul and apparently there is more. There is a letter at home waiting for me. So I will update either tonight or tmrw more about where we are at.
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