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Originally Posted by NewHusband View Post
I'm not sure exactly where I am on the mono/poly spectrum, but she has never been fulfilled with just one person in any aspect of life. After talking we agreed to open up and grow together.
Sexually speaking we are kinda mismatched. I would love to be having sex about 3-4 times a week, most ever week and feel secure knowing it was going to happen. In contrast she likes to wing it and just see day to day. Some weeks she's wanting to go like three days in a row and other weeks we done have sex at all. On top of that she doesn't know or have any way to let me know if its even on the table day to day, much less days ahead.
Saying all that, yes, I would be really pissed if she was having sex with somebody new and neglecting me. I'm finding it really hard to find anybody new to talk to, hang out with or start a relationship with.
Id suggest doing some readign and research and try to figure out what you want, do you want sex (swinging), relationships with or without sex (poly), etc? And make sure she knows you'll be pissed about the sex thing There are always speed bumps, but conversation can avoid some of them
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