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I we r of the nature feckem nobodies business if i do as the late great billie h. said so if they ask I ask y? they ask something alse again answer with a question I have myself the wife here been one to have a nack of annoying people by always repeating y like my kids did to me upon growing up that I figured eventually they just feck off with a huff a roll of thee eyes and flustered lol..... I don't mince words and dont feel anyone requires any info I don't think they're worthy of as I would not be a' askin well hey there pennywee hows your crack these days as to their reaction would be one of utter disbelief so I must say I do this then if they persist I ask ok so y and y are you pushin ur head so far up me arse I feel hot air I then say b4 reactions o btw is ur hubby or significant other any good in bed or do forsee problems and I walk off b4 rebuttal!!! as an ex lawyer I found most wont dare repeat a rude comment as i make for fear of bein asked what the hell did ya do to piss her off!
Dont know if this helps others less of an offensive side to them but I tell ya never do u get bugged again
As all my life but for an afro folks couldn't figure me out so i still get the where ya fr question and I say from my mum no no where ,from my mum till finally they say no like what country I um earth and my mum not quite a country but well she fecken had one so me mum and planet earth happy! hope nun to rude Slan!
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