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Now, I totally agrees that stuff gets caught in hairs. I've hair untouched pubic hair, trimmed, completely waxed, etc, and it's true that during my period some blood gets into the hairs. So I wash there, and to be honest I prefer having that obvious sign that I need to wash, because without it, I might not think about it, and it would be gross.

I do wish people didn't think of bidets in such a negative light though. People here seem to think of it as something that squirts water up your ass, but I've never encountered a bidet that had that function.
Really, it's like a sink. We have sinks because we need to wash our hands more often that our whole bodies. It would be silly to take a new bath or shower every time we wash our hands.
Similarly, we really should clean our genitals and asses more often than the rest of our bodies. I personally like the option to wash them after using the bathroom, in the same way that I wash my hands, and I like having the option to wash off during my period without needing to take another shower multiple times a day.

I wish bidets were more commonplace in North America because of that.

But I totally understands that we need to adapt to our life constraints. If it's more practical for you to trim so that when you use public bathrooms, it's less of a mess, because you have to wait until the evening to actually wash properly, that's fine. But that doesn't mean everyone who doesn't shave is dirty.
Some people think of shaving or waxing as something that avoids the hassle of cleaning with water and soap. Others find that shaving/waxing is the bigger hassle for them or, like me, feel dirty just the same when they're shaved.
I mean I might wipe blood off my labia, but it's never going to clean it. It's taking some off on the paper, and spreading the rest more on my skin. I certainly don't feel cleaner after doing that until I properly wash with at least water, and preferably soap.
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