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here are many functions of hair many of us may not even be aware of such as providing cushion to reduce friction during mating in the case of hair around the genital region and hair all over the body assists in the removal of sweat if not hindered by clothing (think of "wind-shield-wipers") which helps prevent bacteria from gathering.~

You may actually have to wash more often if you remove your hair from most areas of your body if not all.~ But hey that's your choice.
I am talking about removing armpit hair and pubic hair. You have to wear clothes or you get arrested or will freeze to death. Sweat stays on hair, bacteria thrive, person stinks. Easy.

I don't believe people would smell any better if they removed all their hair, if fact I believe they would smell worse since they no longer have that hair to help get rid of the sweat.
LOets talk armpits: you have hair there that stops your deodorant from getting to your sweat glands so already your armpits are sweating all day. The hair there traps the sweat in that furry little swamp and allows bacteria to thrive, that creates a stale smell that makes me heave. Having no hair there and using a good deodrant means that your armpits remain dry and the bacteria that we all have on our skin is not feeding on your sweat. No smell. No sweat, no smell.

You want to know what REALLY makes people smell horrible? It's what they put into their bodies, you will smell stronger of whatever you consume in large quantities for example: I often smell strongly of onions when I sweat since I love to eat them often even raw.

he second factor is the fact that ignorant Humans will wear FAR too much clothing covering the MAJOR areas that produce sweat making the sweat no matter how hairless that area is unable to evaporate from the body because it gets soaked up by the clothing, all because Humans refuse all logic and reason and continue to wear clothing when it is not practical.~
Dude, I live in England. It's fucking cold here. Are you suggesting we go around semi or totally nude? Why don't we just shave our armpits, wear deodorant and wear clothes too? That way we can be clean, not smelly and warm.
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