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Default The Picnic

So... I...created a FetLife profile, (I've been avoiding doing this because I don't see myself as particularly “kinky”), and RSVP to the picnic. NEITHER of my boys are available to accompany me! Woe is me – what is a girl to do?! MrS is going to a show with The Hippie-Freaks and Dude is in self-quarantine. In a fit of genius (and desperation – I soooo want to see this girl again) I know - I'll ask MrClean to be my “minder”/driver for the day (he happens to live about 2 minutes from the venue). He agrees (and has a brief talk with MrS about what is expected of him).

We arrive at the picnic and I am nervous/shy/scared. We spread our blanket and I dive into the beer we brought (Does anyone notice a pattern here? I have to get over this.). I don't see my people for a while and try to relax into “people-watching” mode. I finally spot TBC – but the girl he is snuggling with is not Abby (I suspect it may be the, as yet unnamed, shared girlfriend). He gives me an adorable raised eyebrow – which I acknowledge and then turn away. (I'm not least until Abby is on the scene.)

MrClean asks me if I want him to approach TBC and initiate conversation. I need to settle for a bit. We chat and people watch. Out of the corner of my eye I watch TBC get up and go over to a girl in the “cigar circle” - Aha! There is Abby. After speaking with her for a few minutes TBC comes by and we chat for a second and he notes that the next round of food is coming off the grill. We go get food and, as we head to our blanket, he invites us to come share theirs. We eat and I send MrClean off to grab our stuff and join our blanket/cooler with theirs. We make our introductions with Kola (the shared girlfriend) and drink and eat. After a bit, Abby joins us. At first she doesn't seem to notice us...and I worry that she doesn't recognize me. Then we start up a conversation and I relax...

I spend the next several hours with my butt planted firmly in their blanket territory with a few forays out into the rest of the kinky picnic. Drinking. Talking. Flirting. At some point MrClean wanders off and I find him by the grappling mat. He stands with his arms around me...while TBC fondles my thigh (or tries to … my car keys are in my pocket and in the way). I stop at some point to watch some rope-play (after asking permission) – and find myself with my wrists bound to some (hot, sexy, quivering) chick's harness – what's a girl to do except roll with the moment and suspend her from my forearms between my legs? (So hot!)

People stop by the blanket. We chat. Some folks I recognized from the meet-up. One asks my name for the human scavenger hunt (as a “mischief maker” - others agree >grin<). I explain that my boys are not available – so MrClean had to step in as my “minder”/chauffer/chaperone/boy toy. Are there “rules”? Not really. His job is to see to it that I: a.) don't get arrested, b.) don't get raped, and c.) only go home with him. A few hours in, he has to go check-in with his soon-to-be-ex and their kids. We agree that I am not likely to get arrested or raped and make arrangements for either TBC/Abby/Kola to drop me off at his place OR he will come and get me. He mentions that he has a pool and invites us/them back if they are interested. (Kola puts his info in her phone...just in case.)

More drinking/flirting ensue. It starts to get dark. The picnic starts to clear out. I drop by the rope-folks blanket again and just HAVE to tug on her new (rough rope, breast bondage) set-up with my teeth. (Again, after asking permission.) This leads to some nuzzling, kissing, etc. (“Not on the lips.” he says...more on this later*.) We pack up. MrClean calls – should he pick me up? I tell him we are heading to his place. Be prepared. We arrive at MrClean's a few minutes later and skinny-dipping in his pool ensues for the next several hours. (I could go on and on about this part was every bit as enjoyable as you think it was!)

Abby/TBC/Kola have to leave...they have plans for the AM. I'm spending the night at MrClean's. We are on the couch nuzzling and cuddling and I tell him: “I want to play with you and kiss you and cuddle you. But we are NOT having sex.” (I actually discussed this with MrS and Dude beforehand...but this is MY decision. I don't think that this would be a good thing for MrClean. He is looking for something other than what I have to offer – he is a monogamist at heart.. BUT, he has been crushing on me for a long while...which might over-ride his ideals. MrS said: “I agree. But if you DO have sex, remember to use condoms.”) MrClean's response?: “Well, THAT is certainly straight-forward.” We go to bed, we fool around, we do not have sex. In the morning, I wake up and drive home.

I am grinning yet again....
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