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How was everyone's UU experience this weekend?

Mine was interesting. People were very, very, very friendly. Like, almost scary friendly. And there were name tags. Coming from a very reserved New England congregation, it was a nice surprise. I spent two years at my church in MA, even was a soloist with the choir, and never really got to know people that well. Not that people weren't nice and polite, but I never really felt like one of them. The people here are like your college roommates parents who meet you and invite you to their house for Christmas and then hug you goodbye within the space of an hour.

On the other hand, the service wasn't anywhere near as beautiful and inspiring as my old church. I always left feeling invigorated and that I had learned something new. The minister was at the district conference and the lay leaders, well, they seem like nice old guys but never seemed to have a point. And it was a much more casual service than I'm used to, which is fine, but I enjoy my ritual. They are currently searching for a new minister, so we'll see how that goes.

I'm going to keep attending, as the community seems wonderful. But I may need to bug my old ministers about putting the sermons out as podcasts.
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