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Originally Posted by london View Post
The two things are not even comparable. I am strongly against elective circumcision without medical indication. The reason I find excess body hair (particularly pubic and underarm) unhygienic is because blood, vaginal discharge, fecal matter, sweat and other substances that leak out of one's pores cling to the hair creating a warm, damp swamp - an ideal ground for bacteria to breed. This is what makes one stink. That is proven scientifically. There is also no way to get your deodorant where it needs to be if you have hair in the way.
Bold for emphasis.~ This is the point I was addressing that you made.~

london ~ "But whilst they are at work, commuting from work, mixing with other people, they smell. Yes, I was the one who said the next reasonable time to bathe was in the evening, but all day, they smell of urine, blood, faeces, sweat, uric acid and anything else that seeps out of your pores and clings to the hairs under your arms and between your legs. Removing excess hair from these places prevents that so you stay fresher all day, between showers. Get it now? I don't like people I have to mix with in public to stink because it makes me heave."

There are many functions of hair many of us may not even be aware of such as providing cushion to reduce friction during mating in the case of hair around the genital region and hair all over the body assists in the removal of sweat if not hindered by clothing (think of "wind-shield-wipers") which helps prevent bacteria from gathering.~

You may actually have to wash more often if you remove your hair from most areas of your body if not all.~ But hey that's your choice.

I don't believe people would smell any better if they removed all their hair, if fact I believe they would smell worse since they no longer have that hair to help get rid of the sweat.~ You want to know what REALLY makes people smell horrible? It's what they put into their bodies, you will smell stronger of whatever you consume in large quantities for example: I often smell strongly of onions when I sweat since I love to eat them often even raw.~ The second factor is the fact that ignorant Humans will wear FAR too much clothing covering the MAJOR areas that produce sweat making the sweat no matter how hairless that area is unable to evaporate from the body because it gets soaked up by the clothing, all because Humans refuse all logic and reason and continue to wear clothing when it is not practical.~

Believe what you want and do what you want with your own body, but on this matter we are divided.~

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