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Originally Posted by Arabella View Post
LOL @gorgeouskitten, yes, Adult Quiet Time usually occurs about 5 minutes after the little man is asleep and about 10 minutes before one of us falls asleep. When DH was dating that woman at work, he later mentioned that it was something like that. They had to be careful how MUCH the socialized.
I hope this works out well for him, Nudge and I have had quite the work experience (though we are still together, which i think our normalness helps calm the masses a little) we get quite a lot of judgemnet, gossip, we even got in trouble so to speak. the office is a dangerous place! I hope DH doesnt not have any bad fall out

though, amusing last time J came in with the kids, and hung out in Nudge's office. that threw them. lol
keep on keeping on
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