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I cut off my hair today and now I have bangs! Pretty big change. I needed it!

M and I talked all morning on chat and he was wanting me pretty bad - yeah, I want him too! He says the sweetest things - I ask him sometimes if he looks stuff up on the Internet - he is SO smooth! He swears not.

Today at Walmart I bought some more condoms, so now I have 3 different kinds for M to try. I figured to get a variety, see if either of us have a preference and then buy in bulk. Hopefully he has a clean STD result tomorrow. I will be unbelievably bummed if he doesn't! I am picking him up at 10 am to go to the doctor's with him. I am pretty sure we are going to hold out to be together on Friday - I don't want our first time to be together in my minivan. Lol At this point though, I haven't had sex for a week and a half (well, penetrative sex) and I am going crazy with need right now. My husband is waiting to go to the doctor and won't fuck me because he is uncircumcised and he is worried about maybe harboring some baddies since I hit positive on BV and yeast. I have tonight's dose of antibiotic and then one tomorrow morning and I am done! So, yeah, I don't blame him for being cautious. I don't want this crap back. Still, it is so frustrating to me to have two guys who love me and care about me, yet there is no penis able to do me. Craziness. Sigh.
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