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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
P and I have some mutual friends, however, that just took it horribly. I'm the victim. He's the user.
I hear you! J gets this because i have an LTR with Nudge and J currently doesnt have anyone, though not by choice. but he gets the " your wife has a boyfriend?" im also always surprised when i tell people we are open (which like you said, using poly seems to be loaded) and they ask if J is "allowed" to date or Im just using him and having Nudge. dear god, of coruse J can date if he so chooses.

Another building person who sees me outside started questioning be about nudge "is he married? whats his wife do? do they have kids?" and im pretty sure its because she has seen us together and Nudge and i dont hide our attraction well. I was tempted to just say yes hes married and yes we're a couple, everyones fine with it. but it felt awkward and i just wasnt sure if it was right
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