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Originally Posted by london View Post
I've told people, friends, just because it can be obvious that I am seeing two different people and I don't want them to think I am cheating. Work situations can be different if you have one of those kind of jobs where they like to control your life like I do. It doesn't seem that you have one of those jobs and so I guess you could tell people just so you can be natural with one another. Being different is sometimes a cause for people to isolate you though, out of fear more than anything. If you, like many people do, gain a lot of social interaction through their colleagues, you might want to be really selective with who you tell. It might not be worth the fallout.
Well this case was someone from a different floor/company, Nudge and I have already experienced the fall out in our own office, we almost got fired actually. There is now a policy in place for coworkers dating, but we have faced a lot of judgement from people for being married and dating, luckily its cooled down recently
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