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Default Curious Enough to Start Exploring

My marriage has been a happy merging of contrasts which has been going strong for more than 15 years now. Some areas where we differ include her being a frequently flirtatious extrovert who enjoys going out and being very social, while I’m more introverted, tend to enjoy pursuits closer to home and prefer a few deep friendships to a crowd of friends at any given time. Similarly when we married she had been in more romantic relationships than me.

Before we married she was open to me about her being sexually attracted both to men and women (bi-curious), but we have both been functionally mono in our marriage with her never having acted on her attraction to women before or since. We both enjoy reading fiction and role-playing games which we eventually combined into an ongoing enhancement to each bedtime to our mutual enjoyment. Indeed I’ve come to question if we’re unusual in attempting intimate sessions of 30-60 minutes each weeknight and multiple longer sessions on a weekend?

These sessions have allowed for exploring romantic fantasies which have consistently gone in a romantic polyamorous direction despite several different settings and stories. Most often her main character(s) end up as the hinge of a vee with deep romantic attachment to a devoted mono husband as well as her poly girlfriend(s) or boyfriend(s) going on towards second husband. She is also much drawn to the prospect of what she calls a “puppy pile” with her being in the middle of her two lovers, an experience she had once before she and I met and describes in vivid and ecstatic terms.

As it is we are considering her dating at this point more likely seeking a boyfriend. There are a few reasons I / we have considered going from limiting thoughts of polyamory from fantasy to potential reality, but wonder if a different folder or this intro would be appropriate for such matters?

Regardless, I meet new people and hope to learn from others who have considered poly or have taken the plunge to learn what your experiences have been like as well as what consequences to be prepared for?

-R -husband (straight-mono) of C (bi & poly-curious)
-Capitol Region of NYS
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