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Default 'coming out' to accquiantences/strangers?

Hi everybody so today I have a general poly question thats on my mind, in part cause I now have a weekly poly column and this weeks column is about "coming out". Case in point, Nudge and I work together, and i was just outside talking to a girl I know in the building and take smoke breaks with. i referenced an outing with Nudge in discussion, discussing our going to bars/clubs etc, and also referenced my spouse. im not sure she thought anything of this..maybe she just assumed we're friends, maybe she was curious. Granted, its none of her business...but I did FEEL like saying he was my partner but wasnt sure how she would react. This has happened with other people from the building to who see us together.

Any one have experience with this? would you just say it, and be damned what their reaction is? I like being be able to reference him as my partner cause i adore him and all. We are not 'out' to the world, some of our friends and family know, and we dont hide anything while out in public.

Your opinions will be helpful while I think about writing my column on it too
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