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Originally Posted by gorgeouskitten View Post
I agree with Marcus. when i asked my husband to be poly, I asked him to swallow the whole pill at once because i DID want to have sex with Nudge, not just hang out with him. beating around the bush just insulted him because he already really knew we wanted to have sex, our actually doing it was less hard on him than his anticipation.

Does A have other partners? Nudge and i struggeled some with his wife's jealous while she did not have a partner herself, but tried best we could to not let it effect the relationship we had every right to have
A does not have any other partners. A will occasionally casually play with others at bdsm parties, but no relationships or anything. A has dated both men and women while she has been with H, just no one in the last couple years.

Yeah, both C and A are well aware we want to have sex, as we have discussed it with both of them. I guess I just never thought about how us dragging it out to ensure A is comfortable with it and emotionally prepared could actually be hurting her more...
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