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I'm all for people stretching themselves, not trying to own their partner, and dealing with their own emotional baggage. That said, I love my husband and would not do something that causes him the kind of upset that you seem to be experiencing. How do my partner and I deal with these kinds of emotional struggles related to being poly? With kindness and support. If he's not ready for me to stay overnight with a bf, I simply don't do it. And if I need periodic text updates, or a phonecall at some point, or any other security blanket, he does it. I don't understand the brutal approach, and would feel deeply hurt if my partner were to tell me to suck it up and deal with my own feelings on my own. Staying overnight with a lover is not the same as staying overnight at a convention, because there's no fear of being replaced by a convention, and your wife's not giving the love and affection to the convention that you wish she were giving you. It's a silly comparison. Staying overnight with a lover is a big fuckin deal to a lot of people, and has its own serious meaning. You're entitled to feel bad and lonely and jealous. A lot of people would.
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