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I am just going to throw this possibility out there. Please don't take offense. It is merely an idea based on my own actions in the past. When I had lost my connection with my ex wife I encouraged her to achieve everything she could in her career. It took our time away...I valued the relationship she had with her career more than the one we had. It's not because she was growing distant, it was because I was and I wanted her to have something to replace me, to take care of her needs. I thought her needs were professional more than the one she had for "us". I basically was setting her up for my departure, for me to give myself a way out because I wasn't brave enough to tell her I had lost something for her.

Is it possible that your fiancÚ is encouraging your relationships so that you have something to take his place? Is it possible that he doesn't feel this relationship is for him but wants you looked after in some way because he does care about your well being?

My actions became more and more harmful as I couldn't get the result I wanted in my relationship with my ex-wife. Finally I pushed hard enough which hurt a lot of people. Is his own behavior increasing? Is he telling you something he is not strong enough to admit?

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