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Whew, wow. You are asking a lot of your husband, by falling in love with and making him live with his ex wife. And he is certainly in a strange place, fucking his ex so she won't leave YOU!

Wow. He and she broke up for a reason. Or reasons. Now you want to love and fuck her, and you want HER kids with you, so your husband has to fuck her.... She wants that. Just loving you and fucking you isn't enough for her.


If you insist he does NOT have to fuck her so she will stay... and he stops, and she leaves, why does she have to then take her kids and move "across the country?" If she loves you, why can't she get a place in town, to continue being near YOU, to let the kids be with their half siblings? Does she love you really? Why would she leave YOU if her ex told her he just doesn't feel sexual chemistry for her anymore?

There are billions of women in the world. Why did you choose to fall in love with and have move in the woman your husband divorced?
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