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Most of the people I interact with are thought of more as acquaintances. These are the people I work with and socialize with. There are few people that create an emotional response to when I think of the word "friend". Most are only on my mind when I am physically in their presence. Out of sight, out of mind.

I don't share an ideal of everyone being connected although I do feel a sense that we should look out for each other. I associate polyamorous relationships with sex so I don't think of any of my acquittance's as poly relationships.

I don't require much from my friends; good, light hearted banter and perhaps a more philosophical life discussion when some one wants. I don't need a lot of friends but do like to be in public places with people around me. I am relatively guarded but when I do open up I hold very little back. I don't form deep bonds very often and when I do it's usually with one person even in a platonic sense. Friends are very fluid and mostly surface relationships.

My life is very simple in regards to my friends. I stay out of their business unless they ask for help and expect them to stay out of mine unless I am obviously doing something harmful to myself or to someone else. I do like to help them in many ways (building stuff, etc) but don't want help very often. I like doing things on my own. Perhaps this is because I usually defer control if I think some one knows more than me?

I have always used the word "intimacy" as one reserved for sexual partners but that is a bit blurry now as I have a much deeper connection to Polynerdist than friendship. Brotherly could apply I think.

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