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Feeling like Fall and I'm LOVING it (except we'll get a spike into the 90s tomorrow before the temps drop again). P gave me a tutorial in using the sawzall and the chainsaw (cue the grunting man noise from "Home Time"), and I'm looking for more things to cut. Rrrarrgh.

Got the wood stove installed, cut some firewood (actually used my t-rex arms to SPLIT some firewood), and got the wood stove fired up and tested the other night. Works like a charm.

Mom is feeling better. Baby sis is coming out for the weekend, and middle sis seems to be more 'up' than 'down' in her drama.

And my cat has bad breath. Phew.

Heading down to spend time at P&M1's place south for a powwow on a night that isn't his and mine. I think it'll go fine (see blog thread for more deets if you're curious).

Trying to scrape my pennies to take the kids to Disney next year. Given the free airline ticket vouchers I suffered through a timeshare sales pitch to get, I think this may actually work out. Fingers crossed!
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