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First off great topic!

Second: In my view every single person on the face of this planet is polyamorous in some form or fashion, whether they'll admit it or not. Those of us who have close friends and chosen family, we're polyamorous. About the only way one wouldn't be is if they are a hermit living way out in the woods and has never met another human being aside from birth or adopted family.

Third: Friendships are important to me. I love it when someone takes time out of a busy day to text me a smile, send me a quick email, call just to see how I'm doing. This doesn't happen very often since i'm extremelly selective when it comes to friends and chosen family.

Intimacy doesn't necessarily have to lead to romance &/or sex. Intimacy can be simply cuddling on the couch watching a movie, a quick hug or a friendly peck on the cheek. To me they are separate entities.

It's supper & cuddle time! WOOT!
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