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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
There's a relatively new invention you may not be aware of called BATHING, it's when you WASH your own body with various substances and water so you DON'T DIE OF DISEASE!

I can't speak for other people, but I like to bathe before it gets to the point where my hair is a breeding ground "swamp" for disease.~
I never said it is a breeding ground for disease, I said mentioned bacteria. Over time, days, weeks, perhaps, it could cause disease, but over a day (I like to assume people bathe daily at least), it is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Ok, let's assume a person bathes in the morning and then throughout the day they are busy working or being a SAHP. Throughout the day, they pee, they defecate, they sweat - all this clings to those hairs under their arms, between their legs and bacteria thrives, all day, until the evening when it is reasonable they'd find time for another wash. Believe me, by mid afternoon, early evening, they don't smell very nice at all.
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