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I did not say it is old, I said it was culturally biased. Not that that in itself surprises me, but that you don't realise that, that is the surprise.

And it is not that I don't feel it is important for children to experience diversity, I think it is extremely important, what I disagree with is the statement that not having that diversity would make all young women into victims of predators or get into unsuitable relationships, as I have said, this is not a reality for myself, members of my family or friends/friends of family brought up in the same way.

It offends me because of the bias, it is patronising because it presumes that I am uneducated instead of simply having a different cultural experience.

Let me also point out that the two women I know with the most dysfunctional attitudes to men both had fathers in their lives (no abuse).

What what do I know eh?

I iz stoopid *drool*
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