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One need which I have with friends -- true friends -- is to feel that I'm really being listened to when I'm talking. Naturally, I want to be giving the same kind of respect and attention. But I notice that not all that many folks are good listeners. Instead of really listening, they're planning what they're going to be saying when I'm done talking, or interrupting me before I can express a complete thought, only to share THEIR opinion or perspective on the topic at hand.

Part of this may be that while I'm not myself a dope/pot/splif/420/weed smoker, a lot of folks around me are. Seriously! And the whacky weed takes already challenged attention spans and thrusts them into ever tighter spaces ... which are ripe for tangential meanderings with no apparent thread--however thin--connnecting to the root branch.... If you don't know what I mean, you may want to cut back a little.
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