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Originally Posted by Duckshoes View Post
I appreciate your honesty but I am surprised at the amount of venom in your post.
Trust me, this is not venom.

This is new to me and my wife and maybe we don't have the same ideas on what a perfect relationship is.
You have to understand, this line is one of the things that might cause frustration. Perfect relationships have not yet been discussed but surely a "perfect" relationship is one which exists where everyone gets their needs met in it?

I am sorry I don't fit into your idea of what poly is.
Don't do this mock apology thing we aren't (I hope) teenagers. I never said what my idea of poly is, what I have done is tell you where I think you went wrong with your relationship, which I hoped to move you from a 'she did us wrong' pov. To a 'perhaps we could have handled this better' mindset.

others have attacked me and called me week minded and defeatist.

I will seek understanding elsewhere
No. 'I' called you that, what is the point of the general "others have" when responding directly to me? Does that last line prove me wrong? Is swanning off a sign of strength or a passive aggressive move? I am not attacking you, I disagree with the way your mindset and I am telling you my perspectives on it.

You have had sympathy for your pain on this thread but you did not ask for "understanding" you asked for different perspectives, advice and guidance of which you have had loads.

Or are you using "understanding" as in 'people who think you made the right choice'? Well that might be hard to find anywhere on the net Wouldn't it be better to keep with the current discussion, talk about 'why' you feel you made the right choice and why the other suggestions offered will not work for you instead of going to find people who will just tell you what you want to hear?
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