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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Don't get too excited. I didn't have time to finish my post so abbreviated it.

I disagree with some of your other premises. But since those are outside of poly I left it as is. The concept of old-fashioned & backwards society was borderline comical. Considering how diverse the US is.. and really how backward some parts of your country are in the tech world.. I am hoping you might be shocked and impressed as you make your way around the world and see how progressive a number of countries are Some of the most progressive countries come in flavours that from the outside, look backwards.

Glad to be of service, always hoping to offer up counter points that buck against the norm.. ^ _ ^.. haha
I hope so to.~ ^_^

I already addressed this issue though, I did not mean for it to be offensive, I merely asked questions because all I know of other countries are the people I've met sporadically and what I've seen on TV both entertainment and documentaries.~ I have no direct contact with any thing outside the United States of America only that which I listed above.~

I wish to learn more about other countries and their people and the worlds within worlds of each people.~ I know that what I asked looking back on those questions could have been seen as insulting, but how could they be seen as insulting when they are genuine questions and not just asked to spite other people when I know perfectly well what people are like outside the U.S.A. (I don't)? I am supremely ignorant, how else would I ask these questions? Are all to be shunned for simply asking questions that they are curious about?

I can only ask questions because I wish to know more, but I can not control how other people interpret those questions.~ o.o
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