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Default New to Site, Questions About Developing Poly Relationship

Hey all I am a new member here and am seeking some advice on an evolving poly relationship of mine. I am a married woman in an open with relationship with my husband, C. We have been open for around 3 years, but most of what we have done has been casual play and no actual relationships/dating. Since we are both into BDSM and kink, most of this has involved BDSM type scenes with one of us and another person.

C and I have been friends with another couple H and A for years, and consider them to be good friends. In the last year or so, H and I have started playing more casually, and have come to realize that it is actually more of a true relationship and that we both love each other. H and A have been open since the beginning, but only A has ever really taken advantage of this, as H has only casually played and briefly dated.

Which means that while both of our partners have been ok with an open poly relationship in theory, this is the first time either of us have really put it into practice. C has been great with all of this, but A, has struggled with jealousy issues. While A admits her jealousy issues are illogical, and she says she is trying to overcome it, during periods of stress it becomes apparent that her jealousy is coming out more. A says she is ok with me and H playing, being in love, having sex, whatever, but because of her apparent jealousy issues we have abstained from sex.

C also plays with H, although he is not romantically involved with him, so I do get that A may sometimes feel like an odd man out since she does not play with either of us.

Anyone who has been in a similar situation have any advice for how to help my new relationship continue to develop while trying to preserve my friendship with A?
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