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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
My general point is what you just said: polyamory is just loving more than 1 person.~

I'm glad you agree with me!~ ^_^

Your input was very much appreciated!~
Don't get too excited. I didn't have time to finish my post so abbreviated it.

I disagree with some of your other premises. But since those are outside of poly I left it as is. The concept of old-fashioned & backwards society was borderline comical. Considering how diverse the US is.. and really how backward some parts of your country are in the tech world.. I am hoping you might be shocked and impressed as you make your way around the world and see how progressive a number of countries are Some of the most progressive countries come in flavours that from the outside, look backwards.

Yes, Ariakas, we're all glad that you admit how wrong you are. ~ ^_^
Glad to be of service, always hoping to offer up counter points that buck against the norm.. ^ _ ^.. haha
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