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I'd also like to suggest that your wife try writing a journal. Sometimes when I'm angry, I think it's about one thing but later realize that it's about another. I've found that if I start writing it down--especially in a letter to the person I'm angry with--I end up at a completely different destination than I thought I was headed to. And every once in a while I find a solution that works while I'm venting my spleen. And, best of all, if I'm not proud of the emotions expressed in the letter, it can be destroyed. I got my feelings out, I might have figured out what was really wrong or found a solution, and then the hurtful things can be thrown away. You can still communicate, but it makes it easier to say things in a way that doesn't hurt your loved ones. It's really helped my husband and I communicate--I tend to go off on tangents when I'm angry, so nothing gets resolved. But writing it all down kind of highlights what's really important and what's just venting. He says he loves reading my letters, even the angry ones, because it helps him see how my mind works. And we've been married 19 it's kind nice that we're finally figuring this out. :P
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