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We don't do overnights really.

Maca doesn't handle it well if I"m not there when he's sleeping.
When he works out of town-I will sometimes sleep in GG's bed.

But-usually I don't.

Our schedule (and we do all live together) is that I curl up and sleep with Maca until he leaves for work at 6am. Then I go upstairs and cuddle with GG until he gets up (about 9) during the week. Weekends I don't go up to GG.

GG never works out of town-Maca does.

The only FOR SURE overnight that exists when Maca would normally be home-is GG and I do go to a hotel for our anniversary. (Maca and I do go for ours as well).

When Maca had a girlfriend-she didn't do overnights. She wasn't ok with having someone in her home overnight and she wasn't ok leaving her daughter to do an overnight (single mom). So they would do day times over. When her daughter had plans and was with friends or school or whatever-they would meet up early in the morning and spend the whole day together in bed.
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