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I wasn't attempting to tell someone else what they should call it.

I was defined the terms I was using-explained them and then was told I was full of shit.
I responded by noting that protocol had nothing to do with what I said.

Anyone can choose any term they want to, to identify themself.

But for the purpose of a discussion (which I started) in order to communicate-we have to have some agreed upon term to start from and I created that-by researching the terms-and finding that there was a "general acceptance" for the definitions-which I then included in my posts here.

OBVIOUSLY there are plenty of people who don't choose to fit within the bell curve of the 'general acceptance'.
But they weren't part of the conversation (at least up to this point) and therefore-not pertinent.

To be frank-I sincerely believe that London just likes to argue and seeks out places on here to do so.

I don't care what people call themselves. In my dynamics-I don't call myself Mistress or sub. I am Bebe and angel. But that is useless for the purpose of conversation with someone who was asking questions regarding D/s because those terms have absolutely no meaning in the group at large.
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