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I don't think you are likely going mad. But, it's quite possibly that you are lacking current educational information on the topic (as noted by two previous posters) or that you are reading something into the words that wasn't actually stated.

It is a fact that humans in current societies require relationships with males and females in order to learn how to establish healthy relationships as adults with males and females.

IN NO WAY is that to suggest that those relationships need to be of a specified form (ie, doesn't need to be a mom and a dad-could be a variety of models that work). But it's well documented information.


It was also very clear that the poster was not in any way suggesting anything specific about any other posters dynamic regarding that (except mine lol). In regards to mine-they are correct. Not only do my children have 3 parents in the household currently-but until the last 2 years, they had 4. 2 females and 2 males. Additionally they have MANY very involved extended family members of both sexes and functional relationships with several trans people as well.

But there was a time when I was a single mom of a daughter (6 years of time actually) and when that was the case it was of critical importance that there were men in our life to be male role models for my daughter. Even with MULTIPLE wonderful male examples-she craved a "daddy". She wasn't taught that by me, but she experienced her age-mates having that and felt "left out" it showed in her actions.
So another critical component is insuring that the people who are around your children are actually trustworthy because *especially* a child who feels a sense of "neglect" at not having something other people have-is at risk of being taken advantage of by an adult who keys in on that vulnerability.

As for our children meeting our partners. We don't "date" in the sense of going out to meet people off the internet or blind dates etc. If someone is being considered a potential partner, they are already part of our social group of friends and known to the extended family.

Maca tried the "meet them online and then date" (GG and I both had no interest in even trying that) and he found that it was too disruptive and didn't have results he liked. Specifically, the people he thought were "his type" online-turned out to not be in real life. They might have been his type of "pretty" but they weren't his type of people.

So in terms of people coming around that are unknown-that doesn't happen. But in terms of people coming around-we're always around.

Interestingly I was laughing over this on fb the other day-because someone outside of our town-but within an hour, has begun a fb group extending the invite to "any one who is poly friendly, drug free and kid friendly" to camp out on their property every Saturday night for a "family friendly evening of fun where we can all be accepted for who we are and the relationships we have". The group is open so that anyone who joins it can add anyone they want.

A great example of what I was saying before-it's very normal here for people to socialize in groups this way. It's almost expected.

*I do realize it is NOT that way in other places-that's why I point it out, it is here*
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