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Originally Posted by tomwithit View Post
Hi Just wanted to give a quick Hello

I am the "hubby" in PetersD's post.

yes envy is a much better definition of emotion that I have been feeling.
I also envy that she is able to meet people and bring up her intentions so much easier then I am. plus I envy that she is woman
Hello Tom and thanks for dropping in and 'your' side.

Very insightful and VERY realistic.
And guess what ? Here's where the next key element comes in !
Compersion !
All the factors you mentioned are very common and very much a part of the male side of the equation. Somebody will probably bash me for that but sorry - facts are facts. There appear to be far fewer women available and willing to consider poly relationships seriously than there are men. It just is what it is. And that being the case, many of the desirable ones are already FULL (we speak about that here occasionally too).

But - again - back to simplicity. Compersion.
Don't lose sight of the fact that when all the counts are in, that what this is truly about is the relationship and love between your mate and yourself. Anything else is just an addition-right ?
If you can train your mind to celebrate with and for her in her explorations it will only reinforce your real love for her. And hers for you. And maybe (hopefully) by focusing on that - rather than the "hunt" and the frustration, something nice will come your way when you least expect it.
Majik happens in strange ways......
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