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Originally Posted by Duckshoes View Post
But wouldn't it be worse to lie to her and ourselves and pretend that we are happy she is off seeing another.
Depending on what your soft and hard limits are, couldn't you negotiate with her rather than just give her the ultimatum that she can't see anyone else?

If your problem is time, why not go to her with "we're worried that we won't see you enough when you start dating," and then work through it - maybe work out a plan where you see her x nights a week or something that seems manageable, or even give her a night a week away to herself for some time frame and see how that feels before negotiating more? It's time to not only date, but maybe do other activities that she'd like to do on her own.

Would a night a week have been a good start for her? Would it have been workable for you? You'll never know.
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